ON-DEMAND WEBCAST: Conversion Risk Mitigation Strategies

Watch Chris Moroz as he discusses best practices for PAS platform conversions. In this session, you will learn how UCT uses a modern data conversion methodology, integrating UCT’s proprietary Data Conversion Architect (DCA) tools and unique expertise to take risk off your critical path.  

What you'll learn in this webcast:

  • The key data migration risks that jeopardize modernization projects 
  • Why traditional data migration approaches lead to failure  
  • How modern data conversion methodologies and tools eliminate risk 

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Our Speaker

Chris Moroz


Sales Director, UCT

Chris has over 25 years of experience in the financial services and technology sectors. A respected veteran of software sales and strategic consulting, he has a proven track-record in delivering enterprise analytic software services, big data solutions and advisory services. Prior to joining UCT, Chris held key executive positions at top companies in the technology and financial institutions sectors, including REALTECH, Techwave Consulting, SAP, Citybank and Bank of America.

Decrease Your Data Migration Risk & Timelines


Traditional data migration methods create risk, which often hold companies back from starting modernization projects. UCT’s modern methodology and proprietary DCA tool eliminate conversion risks, including: 

  • Lost data 
  • Lost knowledge 
  • Inaccurate configurations 

See how our unique approach can ensure the success of your modernization projects. 

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Get best practices for PAS platform conversions and how you can eliminate the risks of traditional data migration that hold back many modernization projects.